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More Downloadable Backgrounds from Tales of Xadia!

We've got another great batch of downloadable backgrounds for you, spotlighting what you can find in Tales of Xadia!

A few weeks ago, we had a bunch of downloadable wallpapers for you from Tales of Xadia, spotlighting some of the great Tales of Xadia’s ready-to-play characters. And guess what? Now we’ve got more! 

That’s right, there’s another group of high-quality wallpapers for mobile and desktop devices that feature ready-to-play characters like Babukar, Draylenn, Ponmalar, Routhna, and Winda imposed on top of memorable Xadian landscapes. If you aren’t currently using a ready-to-play character, these wallpapers will still stand out by featuring artwork that is canonical to The Dragon Price’s world of Xadia!

These wallpapers were first featured in our newsletter a while back, but if you’re not subscribed to our newsletter or didn’t get the chance to download them, here’s another chance!

You can access the downloadable wallpapers by clicking here!

Inspiration for Your Table

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