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Sneak Peek: Tales of Xadia Characters and Magical Artifacts

Xadia is chock full of interesting characters and wonderful magical artifacts. In this article, we reveal a new Narrator character and magical artifact introduced in Tales of Xadia!
Hands reach out to a glowing potion

This article is a sneak peek into some new characters and artifacts introduced in Tales of Xadia! I’m proud to introduce you to Hemali, a Katolian Socialite and collector of rare artifacts. I’m also stoked to talk to you about the Hollowhush Quill, a magical quill that is full of secrets.

Hemali, a Katolian Socialite (she/her)

In Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game, you’re meeting many new creatures, artifacts, and characters for the first time. And that lore trove includes catalyst characters, dynamic individuals who influence the shape of a plot. They have their own biography, value statements, and possessions just like a player character might, but they’re designed for the Narrator to control.

What I enjoy about Hemali is that she has the potential to change events happening close to Ezran and Callum’s home. She is a wealthy individual who no doubt could wiggle her way into any number of stories centered around Katolis, but what makes her perhaps most notable is how she collects rare artifacts. 

Someone like that would know where rare magical treasures hide! And she might have a few tucked away in her home as well, maybe even some of the new artifacts in our new Game Handbook, including the Hollowhush Quill.

Hollowhush Quill

A quill and a bottle of ink

This magical artifact, called the Hollowhush Quill, is perfect as a revealed secret—because it actually contains and releases secrets. Made of fine glass and imbued with Sky magic, one can whisper a message into it, and it will be relayed to someone else in the future! Also, it writes, which is great if you want to pretend you’re writing a nice letter but really say “Help I’m being held captive by a dark mage” into the writing implement you’re using!

This image is drawn by Hanna Hofer, who you may remember from the article revealing their berry dragon. Hanna has also illustrated a variety of other magical items that will add so much depth to your games. I can’t wait for you to see them on release day!

Its official origins are clouded in mystery—so you can work it into your own story—but it’s a product of the nomadic nature of Skywing elf culture. This is another exciting bit of official canon for The Dragon Prince universe that will be available as an asset in our upcoming book, and soon you can tie any stories to it that you wish.

You may have noticed I’m writing in speculative terms, and that’s not just because I’m trying to be mysterious. While Tales of Xadia contains The Tale of the Corrupted Core, a brand new tale with its own catalysts influencing its plot, Hemali and the Hollowhush Quill are among a collection of characters and artifacts that have a history. But they are also designed specifically for you to weave your own stories around. 

But who knows? Maybe we here at Cortex have more surprises in store for catalysts like Hemali. She’s a part of the world of The Dragon Prince now, so exciting stories might be coming her way. And coming your way as well.

Inspiration for Your Table

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