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Understanding the Different Elves of Tales of Xadia

One of the most exciting aspects of the Dragon Prince universe are elves. Some of them, such as the Moonshadow and Sunfire elves, we have seen many times but there are other kinds that you might not be aware of.

Hello everyone and welcome to another article aimed to help improve your experience with Tales of Xadia in terms of both lore and mechanics. One of the most exciting aspects of the Dragon Prince universe are elves. Some of them, such as the Moonshadow and Sunfire elves, we have seen many times but there are other kinds that you might not be aware of.

To help shed light on such a fascinating subject we are going to discuss the different types of elves that can be found in the Tales of Xadia!

Earthblood Elf

Earthblood elves tend to be the most physically diverse of all elves. Their bodies reflect or adapt to their environment or their “home soil”. Those born in the Uncharted Forest are known to have antler-like horns or plant-like features. Meanwhile, others in more mountainous areas have horns made from crystals and rock-like skin.

Despite being classified as Earthbloods, there are many subcultures that make many communities distinct. The Drakewoods are notoriously known for being brutal drake riders who focus on more of a warrior life-style but then you have other nomadic Earthblood who peacefully keep to themselves and travel the world via ancient tunnels.

Earthblood elves do share some similarities when it comes to personality traits and habits. They tend to focus on a practical way of life, focusing more so on comfort rather than rituals or ceremonies. They live closely with nature, caring for it and even having it influence their fashion.

Moonshadow Elf

If you are a fan of The Dragon Prince, then you’ll be most familiar with the Moonshadow elves, thanks to the butterfly knife-wielding Rayla. These elves believe in oath and duty above all else. They are stealthy, speedy, and focused on tasks such as assassinations or scouting.

They are also the most feared of the elves due to their ability to become invisible and their infamous reputation, humans never quite know when their life is in danger until it is too late.

Despite this skill set, many are peaceful guardians of their land protecting important sites such as the Moon Nexus. They favor living near trees and mountains where they can participate in various rituals varying from important protection spells to marriage ceremonies.

Skywing Elf

As the name implies, some of the Skywing elves have wings that are capable of flying great distances but only one in ten are born with wings. Even those who can’t fly still have a strong relationship with the element of air. Many mages have learned how to create ‘mage wings’ to compensate for their lack of natural wings.

Skywing elves make incredible thinkers, scholars, and problem-solvers. Yet some of the most famous and legendary thieves in Xadia are Skywing elves. They’re highly individualistic as opposed to communal as they value freedom above all else.

When it came time to judge the humans, Skywing elves were the least hostile. Long, long ago they occasionally made attempts at centralized communities, but such places almost always developed into occasional meeting places.

Startouch Elf

Sometimes called the ‘First Elves,’ the Startouch elves are the most mysterious and rare of their people. There are only a few in number and it is said that their lifespan exceeds even that of dragons. Their magic is extraordinary to the point where historians struggled to document it.

Many other elven cultures have poems that reference the Startouch elves but much of their way of life is shrouded in mystery.

Sunfire Elf

Sunfire elves are the most populous type of elf in Xadia. Unified around a singular monarch, the royal family’s heritage goes back hundreds of generations. They revere Sol Regem, the archdragon of Sun, and use his distinct six-horned iconography in many of their designs.

Primarily a warrior culture, Sunfire elves are intensely devoted to martial prowess, but Lux Aurea is also home to some of the greatest artisans and smiths in Xadia equally dedicated to honing their crafts. Sunfire elves value honesty, forthrightness, and integrity above all else.

Many Sunfire elves can heat their skin to a magma-like temperature and texture, often caused by strong emotions. Because of their culture, work ethic, and values, there are many legendary warriors that made their mark on history with the help of their Sunforge weaponry.

Tidebound Elf

Tidebound elves are one of the most elusive of all elven kinds. While there are tales of Startouched elves existing at one point in time, many know for a fact that Tidebound exists but interactions with them are rare.

Favoring homes made close to or even in the sea as it provides a safe haven far from the conflicts of the world. In some ways, the Tidebound elves have their own separate world, far removed from the events taking place on land.

Because they live primarily in water, their features resemble those of aquatic creatures such as fins, webbing, and horns made from coral. Some say that elves in the deep sea have bioluminescent features to navigate the abyss.

Now you can decide which of these fantastic creatures or cultures you’d like to feature in your own campaign. Also keep in mind that outside of a Startouched or Tidebound elf, you can create the rest of these elves as playable characters!

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